Part 1 - Log into Your AWS Account

As you go through the workshop, there will be multiple times when we ask you to note down something for future use. We have prepared a cheat sheet for you to fill out as you step through each lab. We hope it can help you manage useful info in this workshop more easily.

If you are completing this workshop at an AWS event, we have prepared an environment for you to use. You can also deploy the workshop in your own account using the links below. The workshop is currently supported in the following regions: us-east-1, us-west-2, eu-west-1, and ap-southeast-1. The remainder of this page assume you are using a pre-configured account at an AWS event.

Launch the workshop in your own AWS account in one of the supported regions

The CloudFormation template above is intended to be run in a new, empty account. As a result, it creates two IAM roles named dms-vpc-role and a dms-cloudwatch-logs-role. If either of these roles exist in your account prior to deploying the template, please delete them. Otherwise, the CloudFormation deployment will fail.

  1. Access the Event Engine login console through this link.

    EE Login Console

  2. Copy your hash provided by your instructor and paste it into the text box. A button labeled “Accept Terms & Login” will show up under the text box. Click that button. (If you don’t see the green button after pasting the hash, please hit the enter key.)

    EE Login Console Code entered

  3. Upon login, you will see a dashboard page with the title: “Team Dashboard.” Click on the “AWS Console” button.

    EE Dashboard

  4. A dialog window will pop up. There are two buttons here.

    4.1 Click “Copy Login Link” and note down the login link in your cheat sheet (You should paste it under “AWS Management Console login link”). You will need this link to access the AWS Management Console in your developer desktop in the next part.

    4.2 Click the button named “Open AWS Console” in the dialog window. Then, you will be redirected into the AWS account we prepared for you. Once you see the AWS Management Console, you can move on to the next part of the lab.

    The links in this dialog box may expire after a while. In that case, please close this dialog and repeat step 3 (i.e. clicking the “AWS Console” button) to display the dialog box again.

    AWS Console Login